Quick question regarding Halion Sonic and H4...

As I live in the UK, the only way it seems to obtain H4 is through a download.

I’ve currently uninstalled Halion Sonic as a measure to help me revise for exams as I awaited H4. :slight_smile:

Now that its out, would I need to install Halion Sonic before I can download and install H4?


The upgrade says it requires HALion Sonic 1.5.2, so I think the answer to your question is “yes”.
The download only contains the additional files for HALion 4.

Thanks for that :slight_smile:

I’m in the UK and simply ordered a boxed version from Steinberg.

(Sorry, I asked this question in the ‘Now Shipping’ thread, but this may be a more appropriate place)

So if I have Halion Sonic (with trial license) as part of my Cubase 6 package, and I already own Halion 3, can I avoid buying a boxed upgrade version (with its hefty delivery charge) by using the Hal Sonic DVDs from Cubase?

If I install Halion Sonic on its 30-day trial and then run the downloadable updater for Halion 4, I have the license as an upgrade from Halion 3 and the content from the trial of Halion Sonic - can this work??

My understanding from a respone on one of my posts is that the Halion 3 upgrade boxed version will only work with the Halion 3 licence and will not install the upgrade against the Halion Sonic full licence.

The online download Halion Sonic H4 upgrade will only work with the full licenced version of Halion Sonic. You could pay for the Halion Sonic full licence on the trial version and then upgrade online to H4. But then it leaves you with paying more (the position that users with both H3 and HS find themselves in)

As it stands you can’t do what you suggest with the C6 trial version as the installers on the two version are different looking for their specific upgrade path and either the Halion 3 licence or Halion Sonic.


Hmm, yes, that does make sense, thanks Dave. Just have to swallow the extra for the carriage then I guess…