quick question - S90es Yamaha Piano in H4?

Just upgraded from HS to H4,and haven’t been able to find the S90 es Yamaha Piano, is this not included?

Do you have to own cubase 6 with HS Se content to find it?

thanks if you can tell me

I’m quite confused as to which is what with the SE content,there seems to be a few different versions of it, with cubase trial,cubase essentials,cubase 6 full… :neutral_face:

I only seem to be able to view halion se basic, so does one have to own cubase just to get the halion sonic se pro content? please confirm thanks… I just want the s90es piano…and a few others

You need to have Cubase 6 installed, to see the Yamaha ES90 Piano in HalionSonic or in Halion 4.
Same with the other HalionSE Instrumentsets.
Gr, Mike

Ok thanks for the info.