Quick Reference Card

Where do find the latest Quick Reference Card? The one I have does not show the SHIFT-G for figured bass for instance. I hope soon to teach about Dorico in the Utrecht Conservatory (NL) and it would be very helpful to have an updated reference card, also when Dorico 4 arrives! Thanks in advance! @Lillie_Harris

I don’t think the QRF has been updated since figured bass was added. It’s on the popover PDF though.

You can find other resources on this handy Resources page that John put together.

Would be good to update. I find it handy at home (specially after 2 months or so of no Dorico…) but specially as a hand out to students. Would not be so much work I would say?

What I think is marvellous is that Help > Key Commands opens a web page that dynamically lists your current keyboard shortcuts, in 11 context categories.

Such a judgement is not up to me, as I didn’t make it.

Absolutely! But for teaching a printed QRF (as it called apparently ?) would come in very handy.

I typed it like that because it was quicker, no more no less.

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