Quick Staff setup

Hi Michael,

Thank you for the articles. I am reading the articles. They use “Quick Staff setup”. Is it still available in C105. I cannot find it. Here is the result of my query.

You searched in the wrong book.
There is a dedicated Score Editor manual.

Score Layout and Printing Manual

Hmm, I remember the time when a few comprehensive quickstart scoring tutorials were part of the manual, where have they gone?

Thank you TheMaestro.
The manual says it is in the inspector, but not in the inspector of the score editor when it is open in the lower zone! The top most item in lower zone is Favorites.

This is about the Quick Staff Setup, not quick start tutorial videos.

Unfortunately you are mistaken, you 're referring to the Editor’s Symbol tabs, not the Inspector. See attached.
2020-03-17 18_13_28-Cubase Pro Project - Untitled1.png