Quick start tutorials

Cubase newbie first post. So I am brand new to Cubase. I have been using ableton for a while and find it very useful.
Cubase certainly appears at first glance to be a top notch peice of audio mangling software.
So I just bought a copy of Cubase 6 (educational version) and apparently it
Ships with some tutorials on DVD ( I think they are referred to as quick start ) but I am unable to find them???
Can someone please point me in the right direction please?

a) Quick-Start is a pdf manual on the installer DVD.
b) Quick-Start Video Totorials are 12 Quick Time movie files on a separate DVD.
(The DVD is called “CUBASE 6 / CUBASE ARTIST 6 / Quick-Start / Video Tutorials”)

ok…yeah… :blush:
it was in the box all this time.

Thanks man.

Much obliged