Quick Start

Hello Dear Dorico Community,

just doing a start here in Dorico 2,

I have an issue with exporting pdf, see attachment below.
maybe you have a quick tip where to setup my MIDI Keyboard…

THX :slight_smile:
Bildschirmfoto 2018-10-29 um 10.39.17.png

Are you over-writing an existing PDF? Try deleting it first.

The message could be telling you the truth: that you already have that PDF file open in another application (e.g. Adobe Reader) and so it can’t be overwritten.

As for setting up your MIDI keyboard, it should be as simple as making sure it is connected and switched on before you start Dorico: Dorico won’t detect the keyboard if it appears after you have started the application.

Dear Daniel, Dear benwiggy, Thx so much for your quick help here! just started here with Dorico2, so forgive me not get everything going on first touch. I worked a couple of hours now on D2 and I am impressed. Thanks for your work!

pdf and keyboard work just fine after starting up new.