Quick tutorial on how to input percussion on the staff?

What I want:
To input percussion notes for a bar in 4:4.
Two 3:2 triplets, so 6 positions.
High hat on positions 1 3 4 6.
Cymbal on positions 1 2 5 6.
I am baffled how to do this.
I’ve tried a bunch of ways but been stymied each way. Can you suggest a way to do this?

Welcome to the forum @Matt_Garland - the way percussion kits work is essentially as multiple instruments condensed into one view. So you may find that temporarily switching the kit presentation type to single-line instruments and making sure all the relevant instruments have tuplets in the relevant places, and input notes within those tuplets where you want them, means that when you later switch back to the 5-line staff or grid view, the parts should be correctly condensed.

Thanks Lillie, that worked. One question though, is there a quicker way to switch presentation type than going to the layout panel?

You could have two layouts, one with a “condensed” view, and the other one a “split” view. Both layouts can be visible at once, since you can have tabs opened, or windows opened at the same time !

How are you inputting the notes? With a MIDI keyboard or with the mouse or QWERTY keyboard?

Once I used the one instrument view, all the weirdness went away. But yeah, I would love to know how to use the staff view and do it, too.
What I did:

  1. create tuplets and go to write mode
  2. input one note (either letter or position/arrow/y)
  3. try another note on the same beat
  4. it works, but as soon as I move the cursor to another beat and try another note, the first note on the first beat is erased.