Quick UR44 pre-sales question

Hey guys, got my eye on this interface and just need to know if it’s possible to direct monitor any or all inputs? I currently have the NI Komplete Audio 6 which, while a great little card, only allows for direct monitoring on inputs 1/2, which are the inputs I’m least likely to want to hear without anything on them haha. If anyone can confirm that line inputs on the UR44 can also be DM’d that’d be great!

Thanks :slight_smile:

I never tried monitoring inputs 5 & 6, but I was able to monitor live inputs 1, 2, 3 & 4 until recently - now it’s just plain broken - and with next to zero support for solving this problem. My recording session came to a screeching halt and I’ve spent the last few days doing nothing but troubleshooting. The UR44 is a nice unit - but with this sudden failure and effectively zero support I’m nearly at the point of buying something else.

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Ouch! That sounds nasty dude - can I ask which OS you’re on?

I’d say it’s a double PITA

I’ve got a OS X - Macbook Pro - late 2015

I’m vaguely aware that the driver was pretty darn new at the time I bought the UR44 (Dec. 2015). I had a real tough time getting that software running (and that damn license nonsense). I posted about it on Amazon.

I know there’s an update for Cubase right now (and maybe a new USB driver too?) - However, it was so difficult to install the original software that I’m very hesitant to jump in right now and update. One unsolvable problem is more than enough for me.

By the way, what other units (if any) are you considering buying?

Seems like this issue is related to the problem I’m experiencing. What an utter waste of time. Just buy something that works instead of dicking around with dysfunctional software.


The latest windows driver works fine here. I have not tried the new Mac driver yet on my MacBookPro. Most USB interfaces have challenges, its often your motherboard/chipset not the interface to blame. On the Mac side, I think there have been issues that Win users were spared. As for the direct monitoring 5+6, I believe this is possible (might be a global option), but I am away from my DAW for a few days so I cannot check…

Go and read the user forums for all those other brands… That could give you some greater perspective.

UR44 working fine here - fantastic interface. I’ve only done direct monitoring on 1 to 4 so don’t know about the other question.

The only issue I had was the onboard DSP wasn’t working, then I noticed the UR44 shipped with V1 firmware, I updated that and have never looked back. I really rate my 44, two decent headphone amps (happily driving current hungry 250 Ohm headphones.) I use 5-6,7-8 to route to an outboard compressor and the front four inputs for everything else. But then I am a windows user, perhaps things aren’t as rosy on a Mac?

works fine here ,win 10
all inputs are monitored directly. though the dsp is not strong enough for all inputs at same time(only 4 mono instances of channel strip fx and less with guit amps :confused: )
also annoying thing for me is the UR extension when used with cubase. must use it with cubase unless make some silly deleting files workarounds.
apart from that its a nice device