Quick Valentines Pad Shop Question (thanks !)

Hi folks,

In this weeks Valentines 1/2 price sale you can purchase Pad Shop Pro at a discount. But do you need to already own the basic Pad Shop Pro beforehand ?? Or can you purchase Pad Shop Pro from scratch without owning any such previous version ??

(To me, the word ‘Pro’ could imply an upgrade/update).

Thanks very much guys…


no if you have padshop in your Cubase 6 / 6.5 / 7 / 7.5

Thanks HS,

So will I have PadShop (regular) in Artist 7.5 ?? Or is it only included in the FULL versions of Cubase ?? (sorry but broke my leg and ankle so its difficult for me to set up my gear at the moment !!).



padshop is included in artist too

Thanks HS,

That’s great mate. I really appreciate your help mate. I am going to stick with the default PadShop shipped with Artist 7.5 because I have not explored it yet.

There are about 6 x items I am thinking of purchasing in the Valentines sale.

I have a couple of unanswered questions in two threads if you might be kind enough to check them out please. That would be great and very kind of you as I want to take advantage of the sale (though I am still somewhat a ‘novice’ Cubase user).





for your HALIon 5 ugrade I do the same thing you want do upgrade from HAlion Sonic 1 to HALion Sonic 2 then after upgrade to HALion 5, this is the same license for Sonic & HALion (cannot use on a different computer), and there is a download version of HALion 5 (just the program & the lib from HALion 4) cause all of the libraries is the same for HALion Sonic 2 & HALion 5.
Yes Steinberg gonna ask you some proof for the educational license.
don’t know about the Grand.

Thanks a LOT man !!

So I buy HALion Sonic 2 and then also HALion 5 for a total of £162.00p Basically, its the exact same procedure (and price) as when it was HALion 4.

What do you mean please when you say its the same license and so can only use on one computer please ?? Can you not use HALion Sonic 2 and HALion 5 on 2 x PC’s (as I would like to be able to do this). I can run my current Cubase software on two PC’s via the eLicensor.



you can, run it on different computer via the elicenser usb but not at the same time : let say HALion Sonic on one computer & HALion 5 on another computer at the same time ! you have only one license in your elicenser USB stick named HALion 5 that cover HALion Sonic 2 too.

Thanks again.

Yes, that’s kind of what I thought because all my other Steinberg products are on both my PC’s and I can computer swap no problem via the eLicenser dongle. I did not see why it would be any different for HS2 and H5.