Quick Vocal Harmony

In my lead vocal (my voice) there are 2 measures of music I need to create a harmony a third above the lead melody using my voice.
I want to get that harmony as natural as possible and I choose not to use the chord track. What would be the quickest way I could do this?

Alan Russell

The quickest way would be to record the harmony vocals on a new Audio Track.
If recording a new performance is not an option, some form of pitch shift is required. SpectraLayers is a strong contender for the task, but other options are available.

This Dom Sigalas video may help.

Create Vocal Harmonies Like a PRO in Cubase (from a single vocal) #cubase #vocalharmonies #variaudio - YouTube

while waiting for a response I went back to track one of my lead vocal selected a part of it with the range tool and brought it into another empty vocal track copying and pasting it then I did a bounce to audio, went to Vari- Audio and moved around the selected range notes actually a minor third down. when I listened to the playback it sounded very clean and it probably could use a little tweaking because there was a slight echo I was hearing.

I have seen this video and the results of those vocal harmonies and it’s just my opinion is way too robotic for my 1940 arrangements

thanks for getting back to me

If you intend to do this often, you should check out Melodyne. It gives you a lot of flexibility in tweaking the vocal. Last I knew they had an unrestricted trial for a month.

Also, I’ve found that if you re-pitch a vocal to make a harmony line you can make it sit in the mix more naturally just using the arrangement so another instrument ever so slightly masks it.

unfortunately I have Melodyne but I don’t use it. no need to re-pitch my personal lead vocals I studied voice many years along with arranging. thanks for getting back to me

Hi @Alan-Russell ,

I think @raino was referring to repitching your lead vox up to a harmony line, not commenting on the quality of your lead vox itself.

For the problem in your OP: Most/ all vocal repitching algorithms are completely unsuitable for exposed harmony lines once repitched more than a few semitones, in my opinion.

One thing you might try is to record those harmonies as close to the intended pitch as possible, not worrying if the notes are off, just trying to get them a lot closer to the intended pitch than the lead vox already recorded.

Then, using your repitch algorithm of choice (VariAudio, Revoice, etc.), nudge those harmony vocals just the last few semitones into place.

Not especially “quick”, and doesn’t always work, but often does generate harmony lines worthy of being “exposed” :grinning:

Works best IMO when the vocals to be repitched are “smooth, not raspy”.

thank you for the follow up explanation