Quick way to change Tempo?

Is there a quick way to change tempo? I need to flick quickly back-and-forth from the tempo of the project to a very slow tempo to hear what is going on. I can find no quick way to do this – in my old Cubase I simply pressed “M” to quickly swap tempo which worked great.

Hi there

Change the tempo then undo and redo. Would that not work?

Best Regards, Dave

Yes, that would work. But then it would get involved because I often edit notes while in very slow tempo. I would not then be able to undo the tempo change without losing the changed notes.

In the old way I only had to press “M” to switch from the Master tempo to the temporary non-master tempo or whatever the latter is called (the changed, slow tempo).

You probably could still do that by switching between tempo track an fixed tempo

Not probably … definitely. This absolutely works as one would hope.

Yes. It looks like I should just type “T” instead of typing as I did in the old days “M”. Cubase has only changed the “mastertrack” to a “tempo track” it seems.