Quick way to edit instrument names


One of the most time-consuming, and carpal-tunnel friendly operations in Dorico is editing names of players and instruments.

Wouldn’t something like this be pure joy?


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It would be utterly useless if you wanted rich text editing, which at least some of us frequently do.

For rich text editing, you would go to the current dialog. At least for a standard score, the text format of the instrument names is very consistent, and only a few change might be needed once you set the general style.

For what you do the most, that is editing the bare names, the current system is incredibly slow and uncomfortable, and a general grid would allow quick editing.

I must specify that this would be particularly useful when using custom instruments or ensembles, requiring names not included in the default database.


I agree, also when importing MIDI or XML you frequently have to rename every single instrument… it doesn’t help that the clickable area to access instrument name and other options is tiny.

You don’t know what I do most. And you guessed wrong.

Personally I would rather have one way to do several different things, not several ways to do the same thing.

The editing arrow is really very small, and it takes some time to center it, sometimes.

As for editing the name of an imported track, maybe a better solution for what you are trying to do is to reassign the instrument to a different instrument. This should automatically assign the correct name to the stave.