Quick way to make playhead position bar 0 or bar 1

Quick question not necessarily related to the new version:

Is there a way to quickly realign a track and move all tempo points to make the current playhead position bar 0 or bar 1?

I would love to simply be able to record, map the tempo, and then click somewhere on the song where I want bar 0 or bar 1 to be and hit a function key to move everything else into place… Have I missed a function which would allow me to achieve this more easily?

I know we can do something like that for the timecode…

I frequently start recording without click and then want to align the click to that free recording. Using a dedicated recorded click track as a tempo map and converting that to tempo changes is easy. But to move the entire song with its tempo marks selected to fit the starting point to some specified bar has always been quite a bit of overhead for me.

I may have misunderstood what you’re trying to do, but I use the range commands to do this kind of thing. Select from the beginning of the project to where you want bar 1 to be using the range tool or the locators and use the range cut time command (not in front of Cubase so I can’t be more exact)