Quick way to re-order tracks?

I prefer to keep group tracks at the far end of the mixer. Earlier today I was working on a huge project - about 150 channels in the mixer… I wanted to put all of the group tracks (9 group tracks) at the end of the mixer, and I had to drag them down there one-at-a-time… each one slowly passing through tons of tracks before they got down to the bottom…

Is there some way to just type in the track/channel position and it will move there instantly?


Also, is there a way to make groups automatically appear at the end of the mixer when you create one? I’d prefer they appear there rather than with all of the standard mixer channels.

Thanks again,

Do you create your group tracks in a folder? As all you need to do is drag the folder to the bottom and all the group tracks will go within it. You may need to position it again though, depending on where new tracks are created.

You can use ‘Zones’ to keep your group tracks on the ‘right side’ of your mixer window, a new group track isn’t assigned to a zone automatically though.

Select ‘Zones’ tab at the left of the Mixer. The chosen zone for each channel is shown with small circular indicators to attach channels to left, centre or right edge. Hold ‘Control’ key on computer keyboard and select the group channels concerned and then click on the right edge position for any one of the selected channels. All selected group channels are moved to the right.

Organize all tracks in folder tracks will help a lot. Also like suggested by others, make use of zones.

Thanks guys – I’ll try these things hopefully this evening when I get back to the studio!