Quick way to remove Markers in a project?

I set up to do some ‘part recording’ of a vocal track. I set up my markers, did the work, edited the part, inserted it in the track, closed out my Marker Track, and closed the project. All good.

Next day, opened the project, decided to do some part recording on another track. I did a splice on the track and as I advanced the curser via the ‘shift b’ keyboard command, I see that the old markers from the previous work are still there and recognized by C6 - which is to say that my curser stopped short of where I wanted it.

I opened the Marker folder and see that the old markers I had set the day before are still there… How do I remove these and start fresh? All I could come up with was to reset them to, just stack them up at the start. Anybody? Thanks.

You should be able to left click (and hold) and select (via dragging) the area where the markers are, then delete the lot at once :sunglasses:

By hitting the “del” key :wink:

Ah, between the two of you, Phil and Henky, my puzzle is solved! Thank you both! :smiley:

Quicker method… Lasso them all from the marker track lane and hit delete… all done in one fell swoop!
If you need to leave one or two in just deselect them with ‘ctrl+l click’…

Um, new to the ‘lasso’ thing. Is this ‘click - l (key) - click’ ? So ‘l’ is the ‘lasso’ thing? Can you circle things with it, is that why it’s callled a ‘lasso’? Sorry, I don’t know the lasso thing though I hear it mentioned here. Thanks for explaining? :slight_smile:

hold down left click and just drag around the events you want… et voila!
yep dead easy! :smiley:

matjones - OK, after some dinking with it, I get it. But the correct description for using the lasso is: Left click - cricle (square, actually) - release click (to see items greyed out) - hit the delete key. You may have been saying that but it didn’t read like that. Either way, I appreciate this suggestion! :smiley:

Dont worry Mat, I feel your pain! :smiley:

you tried! hehe…sometimes the “spirit” just isnt enough…your grammar & punctuation will be next! :laughing:

The correct term is “Lasso” in British English!..In American english its " Hogwash the critter" :laughing: