Quick Xmas Table

As anyone who has listened to any of my song-a-month tracks will know I find restricting oneself can sometimes help in getting product out of the door.
Looking through videos I came across a time-lapse I made several years ago of an Xmas meal and thought it needed a suitably speedy sound-track.
I gave myself two hours to come up with something suitably high tempo and then did a quick mix the next day. It’s way from perfect but was great fun to do.

Enjoy and Happy Xmas/Holidays/Winterval to all.

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That was fun! A lovely way to see in the day we are about to experience.

All the best to everybody


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Enjoyed! Happy holiday of your choice!

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Cheers @moggs & @Early21 !
Glad you enjoyed and hope you had/have a good holiday…here’s to the music of '22.