Quicker selection of plugin

Hi! LOOOOVE the searchfunction in Nuendo 6! One of the best things for my workflow!
But there is one thing that makes me a little bitt irritated and would love this function to come.
When I search for example denoiser I get:

  • DeNoiser
  • iZotope RX2 Denoiser

I always use iZotopes denoiser but I wish I could use the arrow-keys to go down and select it, now instead I have to move my arm from the keyboard to the mouse to click the plugin. Maybe not that hard if you want to apply one plugin but do it with many and it’s get a bit irritating. It’s the small things that makes life easyer :slight_smile:

So shortend up: Would love to be able to select the plugins with the arrowkeys.

I plusss !

Many thanks Bredo !

thanks Bredo, works on mac too,
and uncheck Denoiser plugin in “plugin information” if you never use it.

(so there is a way to initiate the search itself with a keycommand, or it’s a mouse-only thing too?)