Quicker/snappier general GUI

Hi, this is not a specific feature request, but a plea for developer to focus a little bit now on GUI snappiness and general quickness.

Cubase is absolutley awesome for me especially since 8 with Asio guard 2 as the main improvement.

Now the only thing for me (and others too I think) is that the GUI is a bit on the clumsy side with waveform redraw, opening/closing windows etc. It is definitely faster on competitors like Studio One, Reaper and PT.

This may sound like a trivial thing, but for me GUI snappiness/responsiveness is one of the main attributes I appreciate in a DAW.

If the GUI code could be worked over so gui things are happening in lightning speed, I would be a very happy camper.

I´m on OSX so I´m not certain of how the PC experience of said matter is.


From my experience Cubase is definitely ‘zipper’
both in cpu usage and graphic ‘gui’ issues on a PC than a Mac.

Even on the same Mac using ‘BootCamp’ or ‘Fusion’ or ‘Parallels’.


Interesting…maybe I should try bootcamping.

So also on PC.
Yes I have all DAW’s mentioned.

100% agree with the rest of your post

PS. The only thing I want slower, is the speed of which the hovering pop-ups in the mixer shows up. Then I can click (get my things done) before being nagged by that dreadful GUI solution :wink:
Don’t want to hi-jack, but this is about the general GUI experience.