Quickest Way to Audition Patterns in Groove Agent SE4?


I’ve installed Cubase 7.5 freshly on a new iMac, and I was watching this video about GA SE4:

At around 5:37 he gets into the Pattern section, he hits the Pattern button, and all of his pads are preloaded with patterns that he can easily audition. When I followed him doing the same thing in the same Hip Hop Kit 01, I opened the Pattern section, but all my pads are empty. I know I can load a pattern onto a pad using the pattern library, but it seems I have to load the pattern onto a pad to audition it. That takes a handful of clicks and is very tedious. I’d love to know a way to just scroll through the patterns quickly to hear them, or at least load a batch quickly onto all the pads to hear them that way.
Can someone help me out here?