Quickest way to edit FX Channel Settings

OK, I have amplitube running. I know I can go to the mixer, open up the inserts, find the Amplitube channel, click the E, but that’s several steps.

Or, in the tracks window I can open up inspector, click on the Amplitube FX channel, go to inserts, and click the E, but THAT’s several steps

What is the quickest way you guys access the controls on your FX channels?

Side note: I’d love to see the Right-Zone have an option for FX Channel settings, right next to VST Instruments. (I’ve never once used MediaBay).

Thanks all!

Create a workspace for every channel that you desire. That’s not even limited to FX channels. I usually create workspaces for channels with several inserts.

Thanks! Still like my right zone idea if anyone important is reading

I should have mentioned, my suggestion is far from ideal especially since if you use key commands there are only 9 or 10 KC’s available before you run out and have to use a mouse in the Workspace box. While workspace does work, it really wasn’t specifically designed for what you are looking for.