Quickest way to normalize mixdown?

I want to export mixdowns at maximum volume without having to spend time adjusting levels (and no limiters/compressors/maximizers). I just want to create a stereo-file of my project at the maximum possible volume. I haven’t found a setting to automatically normalize when bouncing, so what would be the quickest way to do this in Cubase?

I’d export the mix and tick the import button so it turns up on a new track. Then you can right click on the new event and select Normalise, which will normalise the WAV file that was just exported. Depending on your prefs you may actually create a new file at this point, so check the filename of the event (Ctrl-F to find the file in the pool) and then go and find it in Explorer.

Another way to achieve a similar thing is to note the peak value in the output bus after playing through the song, which say might be -4.5dB, then add say 4dB to the fader to increase the output to nearer max 0dB.

I tend to export files that are for clients (or demos for myself) with a friendly amount of compression and limiting to simulate a mastering house - so they can appreciate how it might sound. Then I export with no output bus effects to create the pre-master final mix. But everyone works differently :slight_smile:


Hey Mike, thanks for your reply. I tried the reimport path, which works fine if I want a wav, but is there a way Cubase can reimport as mp3? I’m trying to reduce as many extra steps as possible, I’m used to just having to check a box on export to get what I want… :unamused:
I guess manually adjusting the fader based on the peak value would be the quickest way when bouncing to mp3.

Aha, yeah, if you want an MP3…

There are apps available which monitor directories and any wav file that is put in there is converted to MP3, but I’ve never tried one (search Boxoft for example). Maybe that’d help remove the conversion step?


I’ll check that out. Really appreciate your help, Mike, thanks!