Quickest way to select all the parts on all the tracks in an 'arranger event'?

Hi I use arranger tracks / events a lot to shape songs, and do a lot of moving around of sections. Anyone know the quickest way to move an arranger section / event, in terms of highlighting all the parts in all the tracks of the arrange event?

I thought that if you alt clicked on the arrange event it might select everything underneath, but it doesn’t.

It seems like you have to use the arrange tool to manually select and highlight everything? I thought surely there must be a quicker shortcut? Surely the additional point of having markers or arrange events is to section areas off for quick moving around ?

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Not sure if you’re aware but Command A will just select everything on the whole arrange screen.

That’s the kind of thing the range tool is perfect for.

Prerequisite: “Cycle Follows Range Selection” pref is activated.

Using the Range Tool
Double click the Arranger Event
Invoke Select in Loop command
Drag section to desired location

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Yes indeed, now I see better that you wrote: “an arrange section”.

Thanks great tip it worked - kind of. Issue I have is that I have the arrange track in a ‘divide track list’ at the tope of th project, so that it’s always visible. This is important for me to be able to get a quick overview of the arrangement and where i am in the song at any time. However when the arrange track is divided like that it only selects the tracks that are also in the above divided list. As all of the rest of the tracks are not, and are in the bottom division, they don’t get selected. Unless there’s a way around this?

I have the same question concerning an arrange track divided above the other tracks.

I use these commands with the range tool not enabled. There is no need to select all events.

Transport > Locators to Selection
Edit > Global Copy
Edit > Cut Time
Edit > Paste Time
Edit > Insert Silence