Quickest way to set velocities?

What is the best way to randomize, or set velocities offset from each other?

The Logical Editor has a randomize velocity function.

The logical editor is a world unknowns to me lol… i gotta look more into that.

I think you can use the MIDI insert effect called MIDI Modifier to randomize velocities on the fly.

Indeed you can, this is the quickest way to accomplish what I think you’re after.

MIDI Modifiers should be visible in your Track Inspector. If not, click the cog wheel in the Inspector to be able to select it as one of the visible components.

Here’s an example of using the Logical Editor to set random values (between 120 and 100) for selected notes. You may hit “apply” multiple times until you find one you like.

Value 1 = Pitch
Value 2 = Velocity

I posted an example for you.

thank you so much! cheers guys!