Quickest Way to Slice a Drum Loop and Expand in Battery

I’m trying to take a sampled break, slice it into its individual components, and import each hit into a cell in battery. What is the quickest way to do this?

sonote beat re-edit from steinberg/yamaha does exactly that

“it slices! it dices! it will frappe’ your beats to a blended goodness!”


I would create regions, export them in Pool using bounce selection function and import them using Battery’s file browser.

Not as easy as drag and drop, but the quickest I can think of.

If a sliced audio format file is already in the Mediabay, you can drag it directly onto a cell in Battery 4 and it will expand across the cells as desired.

The problem is exporting the audio you’re working on in the Cubase audio editor, with hitpoints set, etc., into such a format that can appear in Mediabay (via rescan).

There doesn’t seem to be a “proper” way (as a single REX-style file), nor is it very streamlined.

It’s too bad, because the rescan process in Mediabay is very quick. It would be an acceptable workflow (if such a file could be exported, from Cubase).

The best way would of course be dragging and dropping directly from the Arrange window onto Battery, but we can’t do that yet, either.

So the fastest workaround that I’m aware of, is…

Create Regions in the audio editor, find that audio file in the Pool, select its regions (that you just created) and “Bounce Selection” from the right-click menu. But that exports all the regions as separate files, not a proper sliced audio format style file.

If this is acceptable, you can then drag and drop all those separate files, at once (multiple select), from Mediabay (if you add that folder and rescan) into Battery 4 and it will spread them across cells.

This mostly gets what we want, but it’s not doing it in the “correct” way of generating a single, slice-data style file for Battery to consume (there are advantages to this).

But those separate “regions” files will spread across Battery cells, on drag and drop, from Mediabay. So that is currently the quickest way.

Thanks for the feedback. Too bad it is not as seamless as putting a sliced break into groove agent.

On a related note, what is the best way to tune breaks to each other in cubase / battery? For example, if I were to make my own break with an “Amen” and “Think” break layered up, they may not sit well together without tuning them. What is the quickest way to tune a whole break spread out across a number of cells globally?

I’m coming from Sony’s Acid, which I would bring the break into the project in one audio file, adjust the pitch of the loop, and chop it up. It was a very easy way to make your own breaks.

I’m struggling with the most efficient way to make breaks in cubase. Any feedback would be appreciated.


Ironically, tuning is easy in Cubase (lots of videos on how). Time stretching / warping with pitch, without, with formant. But once again, getting the resulting file into a REX or similar format (what’s desired for Battery), from Cubase does not seem straightforward. Anyone?

For breakbeats I suggest using groove agent SE slice you rloop in the hitpoint editor and drag the sections into Groove agent.