Quickly check what tracks are assigned to a send


I have some big projects with a few effects tracks. What I would like to do, for example…If I have an fx track with a reverb on it. I would like to quickly see what tracks in my project are using that fx track as a send. Is there a way to do that? I don’t know why I keep thinking this was a feature added on an update recently but I may be confused. Thanks!


You can use the Channel Visibility Agents in the mixconsole.

Select the FX track and use the Show channels that are connected to the first selected channel. You can assign a keycommand for that.

Or just solo the FX track. All channels that use that send should be soloed as well.


Thanks for the reply. I tried selecting the fx track and using the “Show Channels that are connected to the first selected channel” and that worked great. However, if it’s a track that has automation on it that turns the send on and off at different points in the session and the send is currently off, it will not show that track. For example, I can have 5 tracks using the same reverb effect track through the send. But if 1 of those 5 track has automation on it and that send is currently off, it will not show it. It will only show the tracks that have the send currently on. Hope i’m explaining it clear enough. Thanks!