Quickly hiding items on every part

My goal is to have a large orchestral score with a bunch of lyrical cues that only appear on the score.

I’ve created them as System Text, and would like them to be hidden locally on every part. Is there a way to do this without going through each part one-by-one?

I tried globally hiding them in the score, then switching “Set local properties” to “Locally” and unhiding them, but that seems to simply turn the already-global hide setting off.

Any help much appreciated.

They’d be better constructed as Staff Text; that way you’d only need to hide them in one part layout. Reconstructing them as Staff Text is probably still the quickest route.

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Makes sense. I had created them as System Text for several reasons (I had initially planned on having them on parts; I wanted them to appear on the score alongside rehearsal marks at the designated System Object positions; it just made more conceptual sense; etc). But from a sheer avoiding-hassle standpoint, you’re right, Staff Text seems like the way to go.

While we’re here, I’d love for there to be more layout options when there are multiple System Objects at the same barline. In this case, stacking Rehearsal Marks and System Text vertically by default leads to some really funky staff spacing on parts. Would be great to be able to have options for automatic horizontal “stacking”, ordering of placement, etc.


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