Quickly preview vstpresets from VSTi plugins

hi guys,

is there a trick to go thru presets for “bigger” plugin presets more quickly?

Everytime i load a vstpreset it takes too much time to load the preset.
For example some Kontakt and Avenger take forever to load, for obvious reasons.
I have a pretty fast CPU and a 2TB nvme samsung flash data drive, so its not that i dont have the speed to read it, it just takes to much time to load, or the presets are simply too heavy.

One trick i use, is to render an example part, name it like the preset and chuck it in the same folder.
This will give me a good example of the sound in audio, before loading the vstpreset.
But its a lot of work…

is there a way to make this more streamlined? or even automated?

Does this make any sense, at all??? :slight_smile: