Quickly Stereo Swap 2Buss


Due to an incident sitting too close to a drummer back when I was in music school, I don’t hear high end super well in my right ear anymore (take note, kids: it only takes once). It’s not terrible, but it’s bad enough to throw off my mix. This is especially true because I mix a lot in headphones right now.

What I need is to bind a command or a macro or something to a keyboard shortcut which will let me very quickly flip the stereo image so I can check the high end of the Right channel in my left ear and then flip it back to normal.

I have a feeling Cubase 9 can do this natively without the need to track down a plugin (maybe using the control room?), but if that’s the case, I haven’t been able to figure it out. Any suggestions?

I don’t think there’s anything in Cubase that does something this simple ! As far as VST plugins go that can accomplish this, there are probably plenty. But I don’t think the beautiful simplicity of Kelly Industries Stereo Tools has ever been beaten in terms of ease and flexibilty. I’ve had it for absolutely ages, and still use it often. It’s free, but hasn’t been supported for a long time. I think it’s still available on archive.org somewhere.

Hey guys,

You can do this using the the Mixerdelay plugin the comes with Cubase. Change the routing from L->R and R->L on the right and then switch between the A/B settings for a quick toggle.

You can also achieve this by changing the panner of the track or master track to “Stereo Combined Panner” click/hold and drag up/down to change the L & R positions.

Not exactly what you are asking for, but imho a better solution.
The free BX Solo from Brainworks, you can solo L and R independently.

Thanks Evertone, I learned something there. I’d seen Mixerdelay under the “surround plugins” category and promptly ignored it because I don’t record or mix in surround. This is a definite improvement on the Kelly Industries Stereo Tools, which is confined to 32-bit.

Yeah, it’s an easy one to overlook due to it’s name. Glad it worked out for you!

Thanks for the suggestions!

Here are a free plugin from Boz Digital, which should do what you’re after:

use stereo combined mode … while pressing simultaneously ctrl+alt (windows) drag the “pan bar” from left all the way to right … and vice versa … ( that way you can also “narrow” the image quickly … without having to “edit” first one channel’s setting, then the other’s … they both change by the same amount together.
The fastest way to do it … hope it helps.

Thanks for the panipulator link, Carvin Man. It’s pretty usefull so far.

Let’s ask Steiny for a Stereo Flip Button, on every stereo channel.

And a mono/stereo flip too…

Once in Stereo Combined mode and the pan bar dragged from left all the way to right, you can click on the round button (Bypass Panner) that appears on the left side of the panner when pointing the cursor over it.

When bypassed the mix sounds unaltered and when not bypassed it sounds flipped. Usually the panner should be bypassed but you can flip the stereo image with only one click.

vst multi panner with rot z value set to 180 will also do this. bypass the plugin for the original signal.

Not a key command but you could use a MIDI controller. Set up a plugin to flip the stereo image (Mixer Delay etc.) and then you can assign a button on the MIDI controller to toggle the plugin bypass on/off.