Quickly switch between two quantize presets (new toggle function in the Key Commands window)

I frequently jump between these two quantize presets.


What I would like:
I’d like to be able to assign the above mentioned presets to a single pc keyboard button. The behavior would be the same as the one in the Toggle Quantize Triplet function.

The workaround that I’ve found:

  1. Delete the Q presets that you don’t need.
  2. Make a keyboard shortcut for the “Select Next Quantize” command (this will act as a toggle key).

toggle between two q presets

Interestingly, factory presets (even if deleted) can still be accessed, but only if the commands have been assigned to different pc keys.

Once you have key commands, you can do this:

q presets keyboard shortcuts show inexistent presets


Or use Bome MIDI Translator Pro.
In a Preset called 8th inside Bome, Q activates 8th quantize via Generic remote with CC#x Channel x and also activates a Preset called 16th triplets whereon activation Preset 8th is deactivated.
Q now activates 16th Triplets via generic remote with CC#xx on Channel xx and in Bome activates the original Preset called 8th whereon activation Preset 16th is deactivated.

Thank you for this second workaround!
Can you please tell me how many translators are needed? Two?

Here is a BMTP project that I made up for you.

Thank you for the BMTP project. It worked like a charm! (proof below)

BMT - toggle button

Generic Remote (screenshot)

Unfortunately, there’s no quantize preset for 16th triplets in Cubase, but I believe I could make two macros…

– Set Quantize to 16th (step 1)
– Toggle Quantize Triplet (step 2)

– Set Quantize to 8th (step 1)
– Toggle Quantize Triplet (step 2)

Now, depending on what quantize preset is on before pressing the Q button on my keyboard (triplet or none qpreset), I’ll be able to toggle between:
8th and 16th triplets
8th triplets and 16th

It might be a good Idea to upload files directly to the forum (as a zip file).
It’s fine to share them using Dropbox, but you have to make sure you don’t get rid of them in the future… In my Dropbox I made a folder called “Don’t delete”. Maybe if you continue to use Dropbox, you should do the same… Or not… (it’s up to you).

Glad to hear that worked. I have a separate button for toggling triplets on/off because I never know what state it was left in so macros can become unpredictable.

Does the button execute this command?

If yes, then I also have a key bound to it.
Would’ve been nice though that triplet on and off states would be bound to separate commands (instead of a single one). Anyway, thank God there’s at least two workarounds! Otherwise, would’ve sucked (the situation)…

Absolutely, we really need separate commands for on/off all throughout Cubase. :wink:

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