Quickstart Video audio 'feature'

Just got my Cubase 6 upgrade. Started to watch the video.

First problem is that the video app hijacks the whole screen - can’t resize the window/ move to another screen in dual screen setups. It also seems to be ‘always on top’. A problem if I want to open up another programme - cubase 6 for instance so I can follow and do the examples rather than just watching - I am very much a Kinesthetic person - learn by doing!

Second problem more serious - on opening up Cubase 6 the sound on the tutorial disappears!! I have set cubase to play nice by releasing the sound card when not in use, but not even that works.

I will just have to run the video on my laptop and do on my main computer I suppose, but it is not really too much to ask for 2 Steinburg apps to run properly together.


Thanks for the tutorial video.

Yeah that is a bit annoying actually… ended up running my install from the disc instead…
the advanced videos were worth a watch i thought, some very interesting stuff in them… i like the new ‘one click and drag’ copy tool… nice! :smiley:
The woman does kinda sound like a very bored zombie on rohypnol though :wink:

Hmm- sounds like I won’t be able to watch this content on the iPad. Any idea what the format is, or if another video player can be used to play them?


Did you try this button? On my computer it opens the default media player for viewing the videos.
You can also browse to the videos(HD/SD) folder on the dvd.

I did try pressing the controls, but it just bombs out. Poor implementation of good videos, shame really.

works fine opens up quick time ,cheers for that i missed that last night myself :bulb: :wink: