Quicktime 7.7.2 UD & Nuendo 5.3.3: yes or no?

Got a notification for an Apple Quicktime 7.7.2 update in Windows 64-bit.

Should I or not? No issues currently, but I’m not doing any video projects right now. I also don’t use QT Pro.

There’s also an iTunes 10.6.1 update, but I don’t use iTunes on my DAW computer. Anything I could be missing by not using iTunes?

Thoughts? Experiences? Thanks.

Yup, a whole range of problems with mp3 files.


I had a strange behavior with QT and N5.5.3

I was editing audio in video files yesterday, all was working…
Today after restarting the machine nothing was working. Same files would not import to Nuendo.
Opened QT Player then everything seems to work again.