Quicktime Export

I dont suppose Cubase 6 will offer direct quicktime/mp4 export? I think I already know the answer to that. Of course not. This would be a really useful feature for those working in film composition. After all, Steinberg insists on telling us how good cubase is for film composers, no? I’ve had to go and bounce 15 cues today using this awkward replace audio in video file feature. Please Steinberg!

PS. if someone plans to reply ‘go buy Nuendo’, please dont bother :slight_smile:

Well, you have a very good point. An export option which goes directly into your chosen video file. I’d love it if we had that, but I don’t see mention so far.

Noting of course that if it doesn’t fit the video length exactly then we get a warning and the audio file is padded with silence, truncated or we get to abort.


Yes it would make the lives of engineers for composers far easier. Hell, even Ableton Live has this feature, and its not known for being a music to picture DAW. Time for cubase to catch up.

Current working method:

  • Duplicate cue cut of video file. if your working to an entire reel then you have to goto quicktime pro first and cut the video exactly to matching timecode (PITA)
  • export audio file with dialogue and music bounced together
  • if file is not the exact same length as the video file, youre screwed
  • find your video file and Dialogue and music bounced file
  • replace audio in video file
  • hope it works
  • X 35 for a film

Also if you get it wrong the first time Cubase refuses to replace the audio in the video a second time. You have to rename the video file to something else. Its just silly. On top of this, when prepping sessions for a film, I wouldnt need to spend all that prep time in Quicktime Pro cutting and exporting specific musical scenes for each cue - could just open up the whole reel and trim the video in cubase to the desired scene.

Preferred working method:

  • File/Export/Movie
  • Done

I dont see why this would be a big deal to implement, but I know it wont happen because Steinberg are concerned that there are slim differences between Nuendo & Cubase and this would make it even more acute :frowning:

Nuendo doesn’t do it either.

I completely agree that Steinberg needs to have another look at that.

I am coming from Logic and was hoping that Cubase would make my life as a film composer easier. While there are so many great things about Cubase that I love (so far), this is one area that really stinks. In fact, I have to rely on Logic to export the bounced tracks from Cubase into the video at a specific time code point.


Cubase needs this big-time. I recently started using Cubase for film scoring, having used Pro Tools previously. Pro Tools’ “Bounce To QuickTime Movie” is so easy to use and works perfectly. I’ll have to keep using Pro Tools for at least this task - until Cubase implements this feature or something like it…

Maybe this will be part of Cubase 7? Here’s hoping…


Well, I’ll give a +1 to all that straight away. But, stop hoping if I were you; I just can’t see it happening.

IMHO, nothing coming in this dept for Cubase, anytime soon; so, for me, its off to Vegas…!! (see other ‘video’ posts :slight_smile: )


+1 to this .

Nuendo does not have it either!

Surprising such an awesome program does not do this seemingly simple task.

Please Stienberg, make it great.