QuickTime for Windows deprecated. Video in Cubase?

Trend Micro say they were told by Apple that QuickTime for Windows is deprecated. If that is so, what does that mean for video in Windows versions of Cubase?

I always thought that it was a dumb, short-sighted idea to make video inflexible, and now that stupidity seems to be coming home to rest. Apple claims that ‘Most recent media-related programs for Windows—including iTunes 10.5 or later—no longer use QuickTime to play modern media formats.’ So are they saying SB has failed to ‘get with the program’?

A cross-platform product should not architect itself around just one media engine/codec.

This, combined with the Win 10 and El Capitan issues, implies that SB really needs to ensure its flagship products are architected properly, as there are obviously program areas falling behind.

Already multiple threads about this as well as the official statement from Steinberg on the News page.

The mere fact that they had once the idea to integrate QuickTime into Cubase on Windows platform so as to make it dependant on Apple, is beyond my imagination !

They have short memories. Cubase numbers got boosted significantly when Apple ideologically ditched PC users of Logic when they bought eMagic. Of course, forum users here got the brunt of the frustration of those ex Logic users, though instead of blaming Apple, they blamed Cubase for not being like Logic. Blind loyalty even when p!ssed on.

Now, with vulnerabilities in QT, instead of fixing them, Apple uses the excuse that QT isn’t used as much to just drop it altogether, abandoning all their indirect clients. Support? Not!

Now SB is absolving themselves of responsibility for the issue as well, ignoring that they chose to go with a one provider solution with a ‘quick to abandon customers’ supplier, and didn’t expect that it would come back to bite them, and their customers.

There are companies that are committed to supporting their customers for years, and there are those that duck out when it gets inconvenient, or they’ve moved onto more interesting things.

When Apple dumped PC Logic users at short notice, I decided then they were not the type of company that I would want to have a reliable business relationship with. Not much has changed about their behaviour since then. Why SB didn’t see that writing on the wall is beyond me.

You can have a long term dependency on such companies, but only if they are not a sole dependency, unless you have a contingency plan that can be invoked at short notice, which having to do that should be a big enough red flag in itself.

The ‘we give up and dump you as well’ notice!