QuickTime for Windows is now officially a security risk

The call to get rid of QuickTime has now become urgent with the news that Apple are no longer supporting QuickTime for Windows and the fact that there are already zero-day exploits out there.

So please, Steinberg, move to ffmpeg!

Woah. Good to know…

I think we need an urgent statement from Steinberg on this.

Just to clarify, Cubase will still work without QuickTime for Windows, but there will be no video functionality.

I probably didn’t make it clear enough in my initial post that the upshot of this is that for Windows users, the choice must be made between either running an insecure system (which should therefore not be connected to the internet) and uninstalling QuickTime for Windows (which will disable video in Cubase).

Similar topic for German speakers over here.

Thank you for posting this! I just found out about it, and I would also like an urgent response from Steinberg. This is a big problem for me since I score for film, and I have to be connected to the Internet.

Another link as the news makes the rounds: http://www.engadget.com/2016/04/14/homeland-security-trend-micro-uninstall-quicktime-windows/

I’ve sent in a support request asking the question.

Are there other mature viable third party video players Steinberg could license that would provide support of all the relevent codecs?

Thank you for putting in a request. I also put one in. This needs to be taken care of. The writing has been on the wall for a long time, and Steinberg knew that Apple had basically abandoned any serious Windows development for this… so I’m hoping Steinberg has been really smart and working on an alternative behind the scenes. Crossing fingers this gets resolved soon. I can’t disconnect from the Internet with my DAW since I deal with clients all the time, and I can’t stop using Quicktime (at least for now) since I do sound design and scoring for film. So Steinberg needs to take control of the situation and stop relying on Apple for this critical part of the scoring/sound design workflow!

Everyone in the industry are moving away from Quicktime, that includes Steinberg.
It takes time to code, but that could/should be the main new thing in Cubase/Nuendo’s next release IMHO.

Yes, the open-source ffmpeg, and they wouldn’t have to license it. It’s what Reaper uses, for instance.

Someone posted this elsewhere:

Gearslutz - June 5th, 2015:

Yes, obviously there is work underway, but because apple has dropped and will discontinue support for Quick Time, a new video engine needs to build from scratch …
Not an easy fix.

Best regards,

Guillermo Navarrete, Product Specialist
Hamburg, Germany

Here’s hoping that after nearly a year they’ve got it in a robust state…

(Quote from another thread)

Whatever Steinberg is planning, and doing to fix this issue, hopefully it will be released very soon, this is an important part of the Cubase/Nuendo system, that many of us scoring to video need, it is not a luxury feature, this is an emergency situation, that needs to be taken care of ASAP.

Over at Pro Tools Expert, http://www.pro-tools-expert.com/home-page/pro-tools-windows-should-all-windows-users-uninstall-quicktime - someone has said that PT works with Quick Time Essentials, which represents a much reduced security risk.

Just discovered: Quick Time can easily be installed without the player. Just uninstall Quick Time, and re-install the Quick Time Essentials, only. Tested and verified on Windows 7 with PT12. The “QT essentials” install includes the needed Codec. De-select the web components and the player.

I’m guessing though that Cubendo uses the player itself?

Agreed 100%

I don’t know for sure if any of the following is actually true, but just FYI, it may help to mitigate the risk if you:
(a) delete only the QuickTime player (i.e. the exe) without uninstalling
(b) make sure the browser plugin is deactivated and do not view any MOV files online

If you don’t need video in Cubase, then without a doubt the only safe options are to uninstall QuickTime or disconnect from the internet entirely (the horror! :astonished: ).

I agree completely!

Having posted a lenghty article in the ‘Feature Requests’ forum, I now see this thread.

Happy to see that I am not the only one concerned over this, and that it is apparently being looked into.

Oh no !
Please don’t give Steinberg ideas to try to keep this Apple dependency in Windows.

As I said in other posts, the fact that they decided once to make Windows version dependent on Apple was nonsense and such a situation was well predictable since the beginning.
This is finally the opportunity to get rid of it for good.

I would have preferred the Windows video engine for the Windows version of course. But I guess they’ve already been working on it for months and I hope they’ve chosen the best solution. Probably cross-platform ?


For example, the cross-platform, open source and license free ffmpeg and hopefully also enable export of video/audio, as done by e.g. Reaper.

Can vouch for how well this works in Reaper… really quick system to do voice overs.

Sorry SB… catch up now :smiley: