Quicktime issues

I have files that play back perfect when inside cubase or hosted online in Google Drive, but when i try to playback them inside Quicktime, there is a slight latency that ruins the visual, sync, occasional dropped frames or choppy playback etc.

another issue i have: I have a specific h.264 file that plays back super jittery in quicktime but plays fine inside cubase.

Any ideas?

Try disabling “auto switching” or something like that in your graphics driver.

Try using the 32-bit version of QT.

Try increasing the buffer time in QT.

where do i find that? I have an Nvidia control panel but don’t know where to find that setting.

I just had a look at my CP, and dont see any “auto switching” option either. However, there are a bunch of settings you can try.

3D > Image Settings


Video > Image Settings

for starters.


I ended up shutting down and during the shutdown i got a blue screen with a “DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE”. My system would no longer post so I removed a bunch of USB devices and then it booted again and uninstalled Eucon. Now the issue with Quicktime jitter is gone. WOO HOO

So the Eucon was doing it?

not sure if eucon was affecting QT on the PC, but definitely a USB device caused the blue screen. i got a cobra error message from the Eucon app when I rebooted. I’m so fed up with avid i just decided to uninstall it. im selling my MC transport now, in case anyones interested.