Quicktime movie exports

As I do most of my scoring to picture, all my clients require progress QT movies for approvals and comments as I move through the cue sheet. My complaint with Cubase Pro 9.5, is that, I can’t export a Quicktime .MOV that includes my scoring cue. I have to merge to Protools or Digital Performer in order to export. Quicktime Pro is no longer supported by Apple. And in fact crashes in OSX 10.11.3. So I’d like to add this into the next version of Cubase Pro 9 or 10

Cubase doesn’t export video at all, Quicktime or otherwise- and, Quicktime is no longer used on Windows.

So is your request simply for Cubase to export video?

Indeed. I understand the CB9 pro doesn’t export any format as a video export. My suggestion is to change the video engine and add the option to export “video” as a mix export choice.

That request is 27 years old, I have a feeling it won’t ever happen, frankly speaking. I use Davinci Resolve, it’s free.

You may well be right. Too bad as most all Pro DAW’s have this capability. I’ll check out Divinci Resolve. I also use Wondershare video/audio converter.