Quicktime on Win7 64bit?

I will mix a live concert soon and I want to play the movie along - I am an 100% audio dude and it is a long time ago that I had a video track in Nuendo. I remember that I was able to load the video with zero issues.

Now it seems that I have to install Quicktime on my DAW…?

Is this real?

If yes - is there anything important to know? Installing Quicktime on my Windows DAW just feels strange… but yesterday I even activated AERO and it was fine…

Should I just download and install the latest Quicktime release from the Apple page or are there any secrets like “oh you have to use V6 because V7 will make Nuendo crash all the time”.


Nope, just install QT and you are done.
The thing will not explode.


One far day I might come over to you to present you a bottle of the best Whisky I can afford :slight_smile:

Thanks Fredo!