quicktime playback - 'thin' and 'fat' project differences

Hello everyone,
Strange thing happens. The same computer configuration, the same two video files: one .mov, second .mp4
When I open those two files on video track in EMPTY, new Cubase project (one video track, two midi tracks with some vst instrument), the playback is smooth and fluid. When I open my FAT project template (over 200 midi tracks, 5 VEPro instances, some vst instruments) and try to include the same video files problems happen. The .mov file lands on the track, but the preview window (F8) is black - here is strange thing, when I stop playback and start it again, I can see the first frame in preview, mp4 file crashes the Cubase and the information window pops-up: “Runetime error, R6016 - not enoug space for thread data”.
I’d like to mention, that in that state the CPU performance is no more than 30% (quad core Phenom II).

Does anyone had simillar effects, can you somewhow explain this?

Win XP
Cubase 5.5.2
QT 7.69.80 (newest)
Vienna Ensemble Pro 4.1.7553 (master&slave)
2x nVidia graphic cards (260.99 driver)
Tascam FW-1082 (1.70 driver - looks better than 1.80)

I am having some somewhat similar problems. With a freeware called MPEG_streamclip I convert the QT files to the KODAK codec.

Seems to work better - though since upgrading to Cubase 5.5.2 the video player works much smoother. Had to update my graphics driver which was another challenge though…

Hope this helps,

It seems, that the FREE EWQL Silver edition library (or rather the VST host program) made this crap effects. I do not know the reason - yet - but when I have removed all EWQL instances, qt playback is smooth and what’s the most important - visible.
Anyway - it’s strange!

Now I had exactly the same experience as yours, with the “thin” and “fat” project.

Today i bought Blackmagic Intensity Pro which is listed on Steinbergs approved list of video-out cards. Works fine with the “thin” file, but then when opening the REAL project w lots of plugs and tracks, video player is black.

Same machine, same everything. Same guy :wink:

Any suggestions?

I am puzzled…

Great to hear - I don’t use EWQL but several instances of Vienna Instruments. Perhaps too many? - is this a RAM issue? I have 4GB ram.

I learned recently that Speakerphone needs RAM to run and seems to need a little more than “just” the 250MB they tell me it loads…

Anyway - not entirely happy that I have to make my session thinner - or slice it up…

Well, I am not sure about Vienna Instruments, but in my project there are 5 instances of Vienna Ensemble Pro and they work fine (true in this configuration it works only as a master for outer slaves with samples). Anyway, I don’t see it’s the matter of RAM. In the “fat” project I have loaded only 1.2 GB used by Cubase, so there should be enough space (4GB total) even in 32bit enviornment.
I suppose it’s rather (as always) the problem of communication between qt codecs, Cubase video implementation and video card drivers.
However in this particular case, I blame kind of bug in EWQL program application.
BTW, do you use this Intensity Pro as a kind of GPU for decoding the video material, or just as a beter screening video card for your bigger screen?