Quicktime video engine crashes on start

Hello folks,
this has happened here and there in the past but now practically every time I open N5.5.4
The videos in my sessions are only blue clips with “wrong format”, blank video window. What helps is opening a QT mov in the QT player before opening Nuendo. Somehow the QT engine seems to “crash” when loading without a video present.

Does anybody else have this problem? Never had it in the past, but it’s getting worse and worse :frowning:
Thanks for any ideas!


which codec does your videos usually have?

Maybe re-installing Quicktime may solve the problem.


Hello Bodo,

thanks for replying.
Mostly H264 or phjpeg. I thought I already had reinstalled QT (a few times) but will try again soon. Currently very busy and more of a “don’t touch the running system” situation.