Quiet in here, for a new upgrade release?

I can never remember such a quiet time just after a new upgrade before.

What comes?

Currently working in 6.5. I am happy with it so far - I was not expecting Steinberg to fix/enhance things which never worked well in 6.0 - and of course not much happened here.

Overall I would say I like 6.5 very much, I have a lots of crashes but you never know if this is Nuendo or a bit bridge or a plugin or …

What I like is that now the project window is on the same “level” than the mixer… hide tracks and all the stuff.
I am wondering why this was not part in N6 already - it seems to me that N6.5 is just a “finished 6.0” - which is cool but why paying again? Not that I mind the 130 bucks much but I am wondering.

How do you handle the mixer with large track counts, and plugin names and their status and stuff?
How do you handle the Hovering here, there and everywhere?
Only to see status of one thing, one track at a time - cannot swipe eyes across the screen to see valueable info across all tracks in one go.

Due to the silence, I thought only few were left behind :confused:

can not understand that there is still no way to change the color of “plugin with active GUI”… If I have a big project and half a dozen plugins open it is impossible to quick check which plugin is open… esp when you have - lets say - 20 vocal tracks with all of them featuring an SSL channel strip on insert 2… I have to close all plugins, then re-clicking on the one I want to edit just to be able to edit the correct GUI.

Yes I would love to see some indication of which plugin is open too. I am still bugged that in 6.x they took away the invert gain button on the channel eq (must click for a menu to get to it).

But it is stable and they fixed a bunch of things that were not quite there in 6.0x. I also agree that it doesn’t seem right that this version is a paid for version being that it basically fixes 6.0x.


To the Op: quiet in here ?
People are happy with the release maybe.
It is the middle of summer holiday in the northern hemisphere which is know to be a quiet momentum.
Your forum activity compensates the quietness.

I know that my silence is merely because I didn’t upgrade. The features on this new release weren’t enough for me to jump over and deal with the growing pains that come with a new release…yet.

I’m going to wait until I see the announcement for N7 to upgrade to 6.5. I learned my lesson. I felt that too much time was spent by the users of this forum being upset with the software, instead of sharing ideas on how to use the software to its fullest capabilities. That was unfair for both the users and SB. Steinberg felt as though it was being attacked, and the users felt neglected.

Have you guys really looked at the new features? IMO, just the Project Window Visibility function is worth the $$$. Add in the Playlist, etc and it’s totally worth it.

The Track Versions and Track Visibility (now in project page) is definitively worth the price.

If they follow what they did with Cubase, you will pay the same for going N6 > N6.5 > N7, as if you are waiting to go from N6 > N7 in one go (paying in two smaller chunks instead of one larger).
The only difference is maybe a year or more without at least two great features.

Haven’t tried the workspaces yet, but Mixer configurations are working better in N6.5. Let’s see how these works together?