Quintize Automation Points

Is it possible to quantize the automations points to the grid in the new Cubase 9? How?
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not directly, but it can be done via the Project Logical Editor…
I attach a screenshot of a PLE setting that will quantize automation to 8th notes (and I’ll try to explain those numbers :wink: )…
Quantize Automation to 8ths.jpg
The principle is as follows…
“Round by” always rounds down, so, by first Adding half of the desired quantize value, we can be sure that it will always round down to the nearest quantize point rather than to the lower quantize point. (If the original position, before adding, were less than half way to the next quantize point, then it would round down to the previous quantize point even if adding that half value would take it past the half-way point (so long as it didn’t take it past the next one). But if the original position were more than half way to the next quantize position, then adding that half value would indeed take it past the next quantize point, and the “Round by” would then round it down to that next quantize point.
So, in this screenshot, we added ppq (which is in fact a sixteenth note), then rounded it down by 240 “ticks” (which is the length value of an 8th note)
If we had wanted to quantize to 16th notes, we would instead add (i.e. the length value of a 32nd note) then round it down by 120 ticks (the length value of a 16th note).
I really wish Steinberg would include these PLE presets for Automation Quantize as standard :wink:.

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Gold – thank you!.

:open_mouth: long time posting, but very important futher , see it and many thanks for that, but …

Has Steinberg this automation been realized it on Cubase 9.5 Pro ?

Respect!! I have to try this!


Damn, yesterday I played with millions of automation points snapping them to the grid and still not precise! How I was cursing… Why does Steinberg ignore this so many times requested feature? :frowning: Quantization of automation points should have long been integrated into Cubase.

Yes… I NEED this feature. As well as the ability to group link automation points on different tracks.

How hasn’t this been added? bit ridiculous