Quirks with imported xml file

Hello everybody!
I need your kind help. I have imported a xml file, because I should rearrange the piece for big band.
Problem 1: Chord symbols – there are a lot! – are displayed for every instrument. Deleting one symbol delets every symbol vertically. I can’t figure out how to delete the symbols e.g. for the horns but not for guitar and piano.
Problem 2: The score is full of / or % (repetition marks) without meaning. Deleting them leaves over bars without rests.
How can I handle these 2 issues without working for hours?
Thx a lot!

In Layout Options, you shoul dbe able to ask the layout to put chord symbols above the top staff. That saves you having to go into Setup Mode and right-clicking each Player to trun off the chord symbol display.

Thank you @Derrek. That solved most of the issues according chord symbols. :slight_smile:

If you want to attach the Dorico project here, I can probably quite quickly sort out the bars that show no bar rests.

Thank you, @dspreadbury
Thats very kind. But meanwhile I did a workaround (fill in some random notes, delete them afterwards).
I would rather like to learn how to solve such problems for future works. Because xmls from somebody else can be very tricky to handle.

Moreover, the arrangment is property of somebody else …

You can always send the project to me privately.

Our development builds contain special debug functions that are not included in the version of the software that you use, so I can for example remove all Starts voice and Ends voice properties more quickly than you can.

But that’s the thing you need to do: filter only notes and rests for the whole flow, then unset the Starts voice and Ends voice properties.

Hello Daniel,
I sometimes go through the same procedure.
If after filtering for Notes and Rests the Starts/Ends voice properties don’t appear, I will additionally deselect Graces Notes and probably Tuplets.