Quirks with Write mode

Dorico Pro (March 2022)

SATB in short score using Pianoteq7. Write mode.

  1. With piano roll in lower zone, selecting a voice 1 note in the treble clef of the score shows a drop-down list in the status bar just above the piano roll. The drop-down list allows voice 1 to change from up or down stem, in either the treble or bass clef. But…selecting any other voice, whether in the treble or bass clef, doesn’t change the drop-down list (always shows voice 1) - so - what is the point of this list? (clicking a note in the piano roll produces the same behaviour)

  2. With the keyboard showing in the lower zone, the voice and note are shown at the very bottom, whereas with the piano roll, the voice is additionally shown in the status bar above the roll (the note and voice continue to be shown at the very bottom. ) May I request that in some future update the voice is also shown in the status bar when the keyboard is displayed? This would improve workflow, at least for me!

All the best

Edit: a little later, I’ve found that when the Link button is pressed, to sync the score and the piano roll, the drop-down list stops working altogether. (???)

That’s right: when linked mode is active, you can’t choose which voice to focus on, because the piano roll will follow the selection you make in the music. When linked mode is inactive, you can choose which voice to focus on, and that will also control which voice any new notes will be entered in if you draw them in using the pencil tool.

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Understood, thanks Daniel :+1: