Quit new project w/o saving - empty project left - How avoid this?

Cubase 11 AI LE

I use to open projects, only to do something, finish something … and want to forget about it again. Therefore I close them without saving.

Problem: the project remains on harddisc … empty … but blocks this name furtheron.

How can one avoid to open Explorer and delete such empty things by hand?

It may be different in Cubase 11, but in Cubase 13 the project folder is automatically deleted when the project is closed without saving. (Just as an info)

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This is different in Cubase 11. This has changed in Cubase 12.

In Cubase 11 all projects remain. Since Cubase 12, if you don’t save the project, it becomes deleted, including the parent project folder.


Thank you. Nice information. After my experimental time I plan to buy a Full 13 Version anyway.
Only don’t know which one. Depends on limits, which are hardly to find out.

This is a good place to start if you haven’t read it yet.

I was already there. Neither nice explained (for side-beginners) nor really helpfull. A few basic values … check. Taking those, I would only need the Elements Version.
But there is a vast amount of features, which are not compared. Editing features … which are existing in which version? Which not?
What scares me off more than it attracts me, are those large numbers. I don’t plan to spend the rest of my life with searching in Drumsets and Sounds.
Editing … the meat … that’s what matters!!!