Mac osx Sierra…

Dorico 3 refuse to «quit» by itself !

Always need to kill the process…

Is there any known way to fix that problem ?

Thanks for any advices.

Can you provide a bit more information about what happens? If you close all of your open projects so that you are returned to the Hub window, can you then quit with Command-Q or by choosing Dorico > Quit? What happens when Dorico refuses to quit?

OP, you may need to do a spindump of both Dorico and the VSTAudioEngine when Dorico hangs as you said. The spindump results can help developers investigate your issue further.

Happens to me almost every time, on two different Macs.

Dorico Diagnostics.zip (533 KB)

Jesper, your diagnostics show that you are experiencing a crash in the VST preloader component, which is part of the audio engine. The engine team are trying to track this problem down at the moment. Dorico hangs because the engine has crashed. In that case it’s safe to force quit Dorico: the engine has already crashed on exit, so restarting Dorico thereafter should be fine.

Ok, thank’s Daniel, I have to force quit the Synsopos also to be able to start again.


It happened on my colleague’s Mac too, and he doesn’t have any VST plugins except for Noteperformer.
I have plenty though in case that helps.

Edit: It helps to close documents before I quit Dorico.


We don’t know enough about the nature of the crash to know whether or not specific plug-ins are a factor. We’ll ask for more information if we need it.

For what it’s worth, the first few days I had Dorico 3 I was always having to force-quit it and then restart OSX to reset everything back to normal. The issue disappeared completely when I reinstalled my old master keyboard (which had been away for repairs). Faults with the e-licenser program also occurred and they disappeared too at the same time. I don’t know for sure but I strongly suspect that the problem was linked to USB connections.

From my other computer if it’s of any help.

Dorico Diagnostics.zip (438 KB)