Quite easy to accidentally copy over channel settings in the mixer


Is it just me (and my sausage fingers) that find that I when trying to scroll mixer channels instead copy/paste channel settings between channels? Also quite hard to now if you actually copied or just “made the naming fields green” before realizing what I’m about to do.

I kind of wish I could turn that function off and just use CTR+C/CTRL+V. But I’ll get used to it I guess.

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My expectation is, you try to click to the bottm scrollbar and move it left-right, to scroll. Instead of clicking to the scrollbar, you click to the channel’s name. Then dragging it over to other chacnne, you copy it over.

My tip: instead of clicking to the scrollbar, just mose hover over it and use the scroll-wheel to scroll.

Yeah I know. It is working like it should. I just need to get used to it.


… and then your scroll wheel changes the fader level or send level…

Adding a mandatory modifier (like: ctrl + drag) to copy a channel’s settings to new channel would be great.


This doesn’t happen, if you mouse hover over the scrollbar or the Channels name.

That requires time wasting precision. Would be nice to also have a modifier (shift + scroll) that lets you scroll from anywhere on the mixer without fear of changing levels etc by accident. (I am aware of the preference that disables adjustments via scroll wheel, but I want both.)

Starting to scroll the page with the wheel successfully and then suddenly get “trapped” on a parameter that you continue to adjust with the same motion it not very intuitive.

But I love scrolling. Both the page AND values.

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