QuNeo, Multi-touch Open Source MIDI & USB Pad Controller

Been checking out some options for midi controlling various vst’s particularly one that has good vst instrument and effects control integration. Imparticularly for using multiple x/y pads for plugins like Alchemy, Synthmaster, Omnisphere, Battery, Groovebox to name a few.

Whilst it’s not an officially released product I’ve dived in as i don;t think it’s a massive amount of money (pre-release) in the larger scheme of things. I am still also considering the Korg nano controllers for fader/mute in Cubase or Steinbergs own recent offerrings.

It’s reached $100,000 funds backing with an original target of $15,000 and the company have released other products so have a rep’. I opted for the midi interface adapter which was extra so controller, midi adpater and shipping to UK pledged £290 (around £180 notes).

Anyway check it out if your interested.