QuNeo or Reloop Keypad as controller in Cubase?

I’m searching for an additional lightweight, compact(!) and creative controller for Cubase. At the moment I’m using the QuNexus and I’m very delighted with this little but powerful controller. Nonetheless I want some additional controller so that I can control a little bit more.

I did my research and narrowed it down to ‘QuNeo’ from Keith McMillen and the ‘Reloop Keypad’. The most striking features of the Keypad to my mind are the built in chord mode, arpeggiator and scale mode. Mainly the Keypad is designated for Ableton Live.
I know I can configure the Keypad also for other DAWs but can anyone tell me if it makes sense for Cubase?

Whereas in QuNeo the possibilities to configure this device are almost endlessly I have my doubts if this controller is generally suitable or makes sense at all for using it with Cubase.
Can anyone give an advice?

Thanks in advance.