Qustion about NI and Kontact 6 and C10

OK, newbie here. I found some Wurley A-200 sound demos that seemed fantastic. I read the info regarding the detail work that went into this VST instrument and it seemed legit. So I made the buy.

But in the process I discovered that Native Instruments/Kontact is completely unsupported directly, there is no email of phone contact to be had. There are instructions on the site to help, that is all there is. Eventually I was able to install and use the A-200 instrument - but ONLY after installing the NI Kontact 6 Player. Which is actually rather convoluted considering the operation of the Steinberg and Waves VST instruments. But it is what it is. Too, I will add, I could not get the A-200 to play back previously recorded midi track from the Steinberg VST instruments. But after the third go round, closing C10 and opening it, it now works.

And BTW, NI is all VST2.4, they have not upgraded to VST3 and nowhere do they publish this info. However, it is 64bits and it will work in C10.

I would love to address your question, but I seem to not find it in your post. So far, Kontakt does a great job for me and I’ve never had any issues. Could you be a bit more specific with your problem maybe?

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Kontakt is totally solid here - and I find NI installer to be amongst the best there is, they were one of the first with this kind of app - makes the steinberg download “assistant” look like something from 1990. Try installing the 200gig of iconica opus if you want to waste a day of your life.

and what is the problem with vst2.4 ?

When I say ‘newbee’, I’m referring to the use of VST instruments. I am not a keyboard player, a guitar player here, but I recently involved a songwriting friend who is. It was he who suggested the Scarbee A-200 instrument and I didn’t want to disappoint. The work that Thomas Scarbee has done is very nice, no argument, but installing the Kontact software was a surprise (as was the fact that it was VST2.4). I now have 3 NI programs on my DAW that needed to be installed to use the VST instrument, and then the Scarbee A-200 instrument itself; so NI Connect, Native Access, Kontakt, and the A-200 instrument - all just to use the A-200 instrument. This seems overbaked to me.

It does work, yep, and sounds great, but the Kontakt experience wasn’t good for me. My other complaint is that nowhere does Kontakt say that their player is VST2.4. This seems something a company should tell it’s customers if you are selling VST instruments, right? In fact, as I tried to contact Kontakt directly to sort this fact out, I learned that there was no direct contact to be had. They are like Uber (the car app), no human contact possible with a company employee. Hm, is this the future? The only way I know that it is VST2.4 is that Cubase 10 displayed this info in the Plugins Manager. Thank you, Steinberg.

However, all of this aside, I am happy to hear that there are two forum members here that are happy with Kontakt. I hope that my experience with them in the future will be a happy one, as well.

Oh, '‘and what is the problem with vst2.4?’ To be honest, my first concern is that a company I know little about, and also one that caused me to load up 3 programs to use a product, would not have upgraded to the latest version of the VST format. VST3 was introduced in 2008 by Steinberg. This was almost 12 years ago, right? So: https://www.steinberg.net/en/company/technologies/vst3.html