Qustions about Stereo Pan Law at Project Setting Dialog


I’m very fresh in recroding and mixing. It has recently come to my attention that the Stereo Pan Law at Project Setting Dialog in Cubase. I’ve checked the user manual of Cubase. But I still have questions about how it works and what it does.

Can you give me an example of what it does and when I need to be aware of it? And what settings are you using?

Panning law - Wikipedia.

The Wiki article explains the jist of Panning law. Not discussed is using something higher than 4.5dB as an effect rather than a remedy for room acoustics.

Just think of it as changing what it sounds like when you’re panning a sound from left, through the center, to the right. It can be set so that the loudness appears the same as you pan across, or it can be set so that it gets louder when the signal is in the center.

You don’t really need to worry about it that much. If you’re only panning something and leaving it in one place then once you’ve placed it you’ll probably adjust the level anyway. So if it’s a bit loud or soft because of pan law you’ll adjust without thinking about it. If you have sounds that are actually moving by using automation then maybe you want it to sound differently, and in that case you would probably still just use volume automation to compensate.

You basically just pick whatever seems to work for you and then you stick with it through the mix. I use Equal Power in my templates for all my mixes (for TV in Nuendo).

It’s called Stereo Pan Law but only applies to mono channels.

With Pan Law set to -6dB

The left channel is the mono source - a sine wave at 0dB. Right is a channel that receives that mono signal and routes it a stereo channel. The displayed peak is at -6dB(FS).

With panning full left we see the peak now at 0dB.

This is with

Pan Center:
Peak is at -4.5dB

Pan full left:
Peak is back to 0dB

Thank you very much for your answers and examples. May I ask what setup you are using now?

Thank you very much for your answers.

Personally I stick with the default “equal power”.
However, I rarely use mono channels and…
this is all about levels. If you use static panorama settings then you can as well adjust the pre-gain or volume fader to get the desired level. If you use automation on panorama, you use the setting that works best in your project. There is no right or wrong, just ears.